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Elevate your home with Waft's organic & vegan air fresheners. Choose from a variety of scents that are safe for you & the environment. Shop now & enjoy a fresher space!


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Easter Eggs

Top 10 Vegan, Vegetarian & Dairy Free Easter Eggs 2024

All the best times of year involve the same thing - Chocolate in abundance! So, whether you're looking for the finest madagascan chocolate eggs, or the finest butterscotch truffles; or whether you're looking for Dairy Free Chocolate Eggs or Vegan & Plant Based Chocolate Eggs - fear not, Superfood Market has you covered!
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How To Make Oat Milk

How To Make Oat Milk - And Where It Came From In The First Place!

Haven't you heard!? Oat milk has emerged as a popular dairy-free alternative to traditional cow's milk, captivating taste buds with its creamy texture and subtle nutty flavor. As its popularity continues to soar, more and more people have ben wondering “what even is Oat Milk anyway?”. So at Superfood Market we decided to explore the history, origins, and health benefits that have contributed to oat milk's widespread adoption.
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Rice Milk Superfood Market

What is Rice Milk? And How is it Made?

In recent years, the landscape of non-dairy milk alternatives has expanded, offering consumers a variety of options beyond traditional cow's milk. One such alternative gaining popularity is rice milk. But what exactly is rice milk, and how does it stack up against its dairy counterpart? Let's delve into the origins, production process, and nutritional aspects of this plant-based beverage.
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