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Top 10 Vegan, Vegetarian & Dairy Free Easter Eggs 2024

Written by: Superfood Market



Time to read 3 min

The Easter Bunny Has been!

All the best times of year involve the same thing, C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E🤤 And that is what makes Easter so special! Chocolate in abundance, and a licence to eat your own bodyweight in it!

So, whether you're looking for the finest madagascan chocolate eggs, or the finest butterscotch truffles; or whether you're looking for Dairy Free Chocolate Eggs or Vegan & Plant Based Chocolate Eggs - fear not, Superfood Market has you covered!

Read on for our Top Ten Vegan, Vegetarian and Dairy Free Easter Eggs to try in 2024.

Moo Free Strawberry Sundae Easter Egg (85g) (£4.23)

Indulge in the delightful Strawberry Sundae Easter Egg by Moo Free. This gluten-free & vegan treat is a perfect choice for those with dietary restrictions. Enjoy its creamy goodness on its own or use it to create scrumptious recipes. A guilt-free Easter delight!

Choc on Choc - Decorate Your Own Easter Egg (65g) (£8.54)

Decorate Your Own Easter Egg with Choc On Choc! These flat packed milk chocolate eggs are perfect for family fun. Get creative and design your own delicious masterpiece. Ideal for Easter entertainment.

Flat packed milk chocolate easter eggs to decorate as you wish. The perfect Easter entertainment for the family

Cocoba Honeycomb Easter Egg (250g) (£10.67)

Indulge in the sweet delight of Cocoba's Vegan Honeycomb Easter Egg. Made with vegan m*lk chocolate, this egg is a guilt-free treat for all. Enjoy it on its own or use it to create delicious recipes. Satisfy your cravings with this delectable & cruelty-free Easter delight.

Monty Bojangles Flutter Scotch Egg & Truffles (175g) (£9.02)

Indulge in the enchanting world of Monty Bojangles with our Flutter Scotch Egg & Truffles. This delightful Easter egg is a true wonder, filled with rich truffles that will transport your taste buds to a realm of pure bliss. Perfect for sharing or savoring on your own, this extraordinary treat is a must-have for any chocolate lover.

Tony's Chocolonely Caramel Sea Salt Easter Egg (242g) (£11.14)

Indulge in the irresistible combination of smooth caramel & sea salt with Tony's Chocolonely Caramel Sea Salt Easter Eggs. These delectable treats are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth or adding a touch of luxury to your desserts. Elevate your Easter celebrations with these heavenly delights.

Looking for numbers 6-10 of our Top Ten? GREAT NEWS! We have even more Eggs in our Easter Shop👇🏼

👇🏼(Sneak peak of some of our Incoming Vegan Easter Egg Stock )

The Happi brand is all about great tasting and indulgent snacks and drinks that are free from dairy, gluten and soya and contain no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Our rich and creamy Happi Bunny lollies are made in the UK with 47% single origin Colombian cacao, guaranteed slavery free, fully sustainable and use zero single use plastic packaging. 1% of net annual sales are donated to mental health and environmental organisations. A range of better for you treats that you can feel good about enjoying.

Crumbly Hot Cross Bun Fudge Enjoy our wonderful, hand-broken Hot Cross Bun flavoured fudge. We've created a real treat - fudge that's packed full of juicy raisins and a little bit of fragrant fruit peel to get that delicious bun flavour.

The 12 utterly delicious, award winning, Hazelnut truffles in this beautiful egg are handmade by our small team in Norfolk. The egg will remain as a cherished piece of art long after the truffles have been enjoyed. We use tree nuts throughout our factory & processes.

Say hello to Mummy Meegz' Vegan Mini Eggs! Creamy M!lk Chocolate in a crunchy shell. Vegan No Palm Oil. Wrapped in plastic free compostable paper packaging. Enjoy! Our mission is to make mind-blowingly good creamy M!lk Choc swaps that are kinder to animals and the planet. We are a family business backed by a Not for profit vegan investment fund called Veg Capital who donate their profits to animal-based charities as well as support businesses that offer consumers vegan alternatives.