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Plant Based Diet
A Healthy Vibrant You

Assisting a Plant Based Diet at Superfood Market

Around 97% of the foods on our store are plant based by nature. Perfect for those following plant based recipes.

Plant Based Foods, Drinks & More...

Your Online Plant Based Store - From Superfood Market

Here for the vegan chocolate? Or perhaps you're super health-conscious and you found out about the benefits of a whole food plant based diet? Either way - you've come to the right place! Almost all foods we stock are suitable for a plant based diet.

At Superfood Market we focus on healthy living, wellness and foods that nourish you from the inside - and we know a plant based diet can play a big part in that.

So if you're looking for plant based milks, protein, snacks & more - browse the virtual aisles of Superfood Market - you won't be disappointed...

Are you wondering...

How to go Plant Based?

Transitioning to a plant-based diet involves moving your food choices toward plant-derived foods while minimizing or eliminating animal products as ingredients. This means avoiding meat, dairy and eggs in your foods.

People choose to go plant-based for various reasons, including health benefits like reduced risk of heart disease and improved weight management, ethical and environmental concerns about animal agriculture and sustainability, and a desire to align with their values of compassion for animals.

To make the transition, start by checking the ingredients of products you buy or consume, gradually replacing animal products with plant-based alternatives. On top of this - explore new recipes, and educate yourself about plant-based nutrition. At Superfood Market we believe it's a fulfilling and sustainable choice that can positively impact your health and the planet. Good luck from Team SFM! x

Wholemeal Air Fryer Bread Loaf - Vegan Friendly

Wholemeal Air Fryer Bread Loaf - Vegan Friendly

Quicker to make than many types of bread, this loaf that is cooked in an air fryer rather than a conventional oven. Using a single rise method and strong wholemeal flour, this bread baked without a tin in a boule or cob loaf shape.
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Easter Eggs

Top 10 Vegan, Vegetarian & Dairy Free Easter Eggs 2024

All the best times of year involve the same thing - Chocolate in abundance! So, whether you're looking for the finest madagascan chocolate eggs, or the finest butterscotch truffles; or whether you're looking for Dairy Free Chocolate Eggs or Vegan & Plant Based Chocolate Eggs - fear not, Superfood Market has you covered!
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How To Make Oat Milk

How To Make Oat Milk - And Where It Came From In The First Place!

Haven't you heard!? Oat milk has emerged as a popular dairy-free alternative to traditional cow's milk, captivating taste buds with its creamy texture and subtle nutty flavor. As its popularity continues to soar, more and more people have ben wondering β€œwhat even is Oat Milk anyway?”. So at Superfood Market we decided to explore the history, origins, and health benefits that have contributed to oat milk's widespread adoption.
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