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Christmas at Superfood Market
Christmas with Superfood Market

Making it easy to have a wonderfully natural Christmas

Get your supplies early this year. We are fully stocked and ready to ship!

Christmas Collections

Festive Cooking

Christmas Dinner

For the perfect Christmas Dinner there is so much to think about. Shop early with SFM to get the basics tucked away and ready for the big day! Gravy. chestnuts, stuffing, cranberry sauce and much more!

We've Got You Covered

Christmas Gifts

For friends, family and neighbours alike - our gifting section is perfect to let someone know you're thinking of them this Christmas.

A time for sharing and caring

Christmas Drinks

Celebrate Christmas With Health In Mind

Your Online Healthy Food Destination for Christmas 2023.

Shop the full Christmas Range at Superfood Market

Vegan Christmas Chocolate

Your Guide to the Best Vegan & Dairy Free Chocolate This Christmas

In this short guide, we'll help you discover a delightful range of brands and products that will make your Christmas season truly special. From rich dark chocolates to creamy truffles, and innovative chocolatey creations, we've got you covered. So, get ready to unwrap the perfect vegan and dairy free chocolate delights that will add an extra layer of sweetness to your Christmas.
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2023 Advent Calendars

Top 10 Advent Calendars for 2023 (And Where To Buy Them)

In 2023, the world of Advent calendars has seen a new abundance of options appearing, and we've scoured the market to bring you the Top 10 Advent Calendars of the year. Whether you're a child or an adult at heart, these calendars will add a touch of wonder and excitement to your holiday season. From vegan sweets, herbal teas to milk chocolate and more - there is an advent calendar for you!
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