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Our Plant Based Dog Blog

French bulldogs being fed

From Wolves to Veggies: The Evolution of Feeding Dogs a Plant-Based Diet

For centuries, dogs have been regarded as carnivorous creatures, reliant on a meat-based diet to thrive. However, in recent years, an alternative approach has gained popularity: feeding dogs a plant-based diet. This shift has sparked debates and raised questions about the nutritional needs of our furry companions. In this article, we will explore the history of feeding dogs a plant-based diet, from its origins to its growing acceptance in modern times.
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Dogs and people standing on grass

Dogs and Plant-Based Diets: Exploring the Potential for a Balanced and Nourishing Lifestyle

In recent years, there has been growing curiosity surrounding the possibility of dogs thriving on vegan or vegetarian plant-based diets. While dogs are naturally omnivorous, with a digestive system that can handle a variety of food sources, the idea of providing them with a plant-based diet has sparked debate and curiosity among pet owners, with many seeking to buy vegan dog food online.
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