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Superfood of the Moment: Chia Seeds

Superfood of the Moment: Chia Seeds

We can’t help but love these little Seeds!

Other than the fact that they are so easy to fit in your diet, this versatile superfood is packed full of taste, nutrients and huge health benefits!

Want to know what just a few of them are?

  1. They hold a huge amount of nutrients at the cost of very few calories – good for those of us who are watching our weight.
  2. High in Omega-3 which is great for brain and heart health as well as having anti-inflammatory effects.
  3. High in plant protein so great for people following a Vegan or Vegetarian Diet.
  4. Digested slowly so provide a slow release of energy which stabilises blood sugar levels.
  5. High calcium content – 25g of Chia Seeds contains more than 100ml of milk.

So sprinkle them on your salad, add them to your smoothie, leave them to soak in Greek yoghurt overnight and start to feel good.

Let us know of any more we haven’t listed in the comments and start treating your body to these little Super Seeds!