Yogi Tea | Yogi Tea Selection Box | 1 x 1

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Yogi Tea | Yogi Tea Selection Box | 1 x 1

Choco Cocoa shells (56%) cinnamon (15%) liquorice (14%) carob barley malt fat-reduced cocoa powder (2%) cardamom ginger cloves ginger oil black pepper vanilla extract cinnamon oil vanilla beans. Classic Cinnamon (52%) ginger (17%) cardamom (16%) cloves black pepper cinnamon oil. Turmeric Chai Turmeric root (55%) cinnamon (14%) liquorice ginger (7%) cardamom (3%) black pepper apple fennel mace cocoa shells cloves. Ginger Lemon Ginger (43%) liquorice lemon grass black pepper (5%) lemon peel (4%) peppermint (4%) lemon oil (3%) hibiscus dried lemon juice (2%). Ginger Orange with Vanilla Ginger (41%) liquorice lemon grass orange peel (4%) black pepper vanilla extract (3%) orange oil (3%) peppermint (2 5%) anise. Lime Mint Liquorice (29%) dried lime fruit (15%) spearmint (15%) peppermint (15%) cardamom dried lemon juice (4%) turmeric root ginger cinnamon cloves black pepper. Rooibos Rooibos (70%) cinnamon (11%) ginger (4%) carob roasted chicory cardamom (2 5%) cloves (1 5%) black pepper cinnamon oil ginger oil cardamom oil vanilla extract. Sweet Chili Liquorice (35%) cocoa shells (14%) spearmint (11%) fennel anise ginger peppermint (5%) nettle cinnamon (2%) chili pepper (1%) cardamom cloves black pepper. Women's Tea Ginger (15%) orange peel (14%) cinnamon fennel chamomile flowers (9%) dandelion barley malt liquorice orange oil black pepper juniper berries cardamom cloves angelica root extract. certified organic.
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