Garlic is a type of onion and is used around the world for its flavour. Garlic contains vitamin C, B6, Selenium and manganese, as well as a range of antioxidants. Garlic and garlic powder have been linked with effectively lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol and the risk of heart disease, and also maintaining immune system health and has been linked to reducing the risk of some cancers.

Nutritional Benefits

Vitamin C
  • Prevents cells from oxidative stress and damage to cells.
  • Aids in the absorption of iron in the body
  • Aids in the utilisation of iron
Vitamin B6
  • Contributes to normal energy yielding metabolism
  • Contributes to a reduction of fatigue
  • Normal protein and glycogen metabolism
  • Normal immune system function
  • Contributes to hormone regulation
  • Important in the maintenance of the immune system
  • Important for successful fertility and reproduction.
  • Involved in the regulation of some hormones
  • Aids in the formation and activation of some enzymes


Risks and Side Effects

Garlic can cause heartburn, nausea and stomach upsets in some people but is otherwise safe with no notable risks or side effects.


Garlic can be used as a seasoning in many foods, the powder can be used as a seasoning, and the oil can be added to foods and used for cooking.


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