About Us

Hi, thanks for stopping by. 

My name is Gemma Andrews, and I founded SFM with my husband Mark back in 2014. Some people are interested in our story and how we came to be - and so every so often I will pop back to this page and update you on where we are and our life running Superfood Market. 

Rewind to 2009 and I joined the world of Twitter, and started tweeting about healthy and natural alternative products I had found. Then one day I stumbled upon a blogging platform called wordpress and decided to start a blog. I just used the free service and somehow people liked my product recommendations and recipes and around 40,000 people started to read the blog every month. This was just hobby and something I would do to keep myself busy.

In 2012 we moved to London as I was transferred with my old job. We loved London and got our first apartment in Richmond. Every day I would stroll around Wholefoods or Planet Organic and I dreamt of one day being able to work in the industry despite it not being anything close to what I had studied or was working as. 

As I started talking about products from Wholefoods or Planet Organic some of my followers would struggle to get those products as back then we only had a few of these stores, all in the South of England and these retailers did not have a heavy online presence. 

So I would take my credit card and buy the ingredients as many as they would let me, and then used eBay as a way to sell and post them to my followers. I charged just enough to cover my costs as I didn't want to exploite the community I was building. 

One day my then boss sent me to cover a trade show in the Birmingham NEC, I was really nervous but excited as I would be on a stand all of the weekend. On the day of the show I arrived early and it was very much a B2B tech and finance vibe as that was the industry I worked in. I by chance came across a stand for a piece of software that helped you turn your blog into an online shop. A lightbulb went off in my head and I thought to myself that it would be incredible if I could find a way to take all the products I love and have them permanently available to all in the UK - not just those like me who were lucky enough to be in London where the best shops were. 

In July 2014 I registered the brand Superfood Market - the name just came to me. Me and Mark were on holiday at the time and we just said one drunken night lets just do it as its all we talk about! 

Those first six months were really hard, as we soon realised that we were not just running a website - but we needed warehousing space and fast. Warehousing in London was going to make all of the products so expensive I knew that not everyone would be able to afford them. So I took the leap of faith and quit my job to pursue my dream. I moved back home to Yorkshire and managed to find some space at Marks parents. 

By our 1st Birthday in July 2015 we had a small team of five employees and were both working full time on the business.