Why we love winter…

Why we love winter…

Well it’s here. Let’s just admit it now - Winter is upon us!

We have now said hello to the crunchy leaves, the cold crisp mornings, the big winter coats and big warm socks. We know it has been here for a while (we are based in Yorkshire after all) but now we are ready to accept it and fully embrace what comes with it.

Christmas is on the horizon (don’t worry, we know it’s too early to be talking about that…just) and there are lots to be happy about.

So, what do we love about Winter? Let us tell you…

Crisp mornings – there is nothing better than grabbing a coffee or herbal tea in a mug to go and making our way out in the crisp mornings. We know it comes with its fair share of rainy miserable ones but those odd mornings where it just feels fresh – starts our day off right!

Feeling “the benefit” – Did anyone else’s mum tell them not to wear their coat indoors as they won’t “feel the benefit” when they go outside? Well we fully know how that feels now. We secretly love the stack of clothes that you sometimes need to put on just to go outside – gloves, hat, scarf, big coat and sometimes boots. Bliss.

Winter Warmer Comfort Food – nothing screams winter at us more than warming comfort food. Our favourite has to be a hot soup with warm bread to mop up the bowl…yum!

Hot bath – ok, we really don’t like those days when it’s freezing, raining (possibly even snowing) and you can feel that winter cold coming on. What makes it all go away is a nice hot bath at the end of the day filled with lots of bubbles.

Lazy Sundays – You almost feel guilty in Summer staying in and having a lazy day but in winter, it just feels right. This is when we indulge in some baking – we learn a new recipe, make a (hopefully) tasty treat as well as allowing the sweet scents fill the house! Win/win if you ask us….


What do you love about winter? Let us know in the comments!

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