Taking Care of Mum to Be – Our Must Haves

Taking Care of Mum to Be – Our Must Haves

When you are pregnant, there are a number of things you have to put up with – constantly being told how big you are getting, being asked if you are having multiple babies (yes really – it happened constantly), being the designated driver to all events, dealing with insane cravings, laughing in hysterics one minute and crying in despair the next, baby brain (yes it’s a real thing!)…. the list goes on.

You may have to just put up with the above and wear it like a badge of honour, there are a number of things you don’t have to put up with. We have put together our “must have” guide to help with the growing pains you will be going through.

Pregnancy Tea

This caffeine free drink can usually be enjoyed throughout the whole term of the pregnancy. Look for the ones that include ginger if you are suffering from morning sickness as it is meant to be calming for the stomach. If you are towards the end of your pregnancy and you are trying to “get things started”, look out for raspberry leaf (old wives tale says this helps start things off – no promises unfortunately!).

Pregnancy Multivitamin

Your body craves so much at this time, good or bad, but one thing you shouldn’t ignore are nutrients and vitamins. Taking a supplement can help make sure that you and your baby are getting everything that you need. We would recommend speaking to your GP though if you have any concerns!


Tiger Stripes, Baby Love Bites, Mummy Medals…Stretch marks. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them, we all have them somewhere, big or small, and especially after having a baby. What moisturiser can do is alleviate the appearance of them as well as help with some of the other symptoms such as dry skin and cracking. Make sure you take good care of your skin – it is making a lot of room for that little one!

Labour Massage Oil

When it’s time, we can’t take away the fact that labour isn’t the most comfortable situation we have ever been in but there are certain techniques that can help improve how you deal with it. Get your partner to give you a massage with oil, sometimes pressure in just the right place can alleviate some of the pain – make sure labour massage oil is at the top of your hospital bag!

Do you think we are missing anything? Been there done that and know a few things that got your through? – let us know in the comments!

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