5 Ways to Use Coconut Oil 0

Coconut oil is one of those products that keeps turning up in our office and we are constantly told how good it is for your hair, how nice it tastes in food and how good it is for the skin.

But really – what can we use it for?

  1. Moisturising hair mask

Slather this on your hair and leave for a few minutes (or as long as you want), wash out and voila – silky smooth hair!

Perfect if you are like us and suffer a slight bit of damage on your locks from heat and colouring!

  1. Relieve skin irritation and eczema

A completely natural solution to dermatitis and other skin disorders working as well as (or in some cases better) than some of the leading brands.

  1. Cooking and Baking

Coconut oil can be used in many recipes and as a substitute for products when following a healthy lifestyle.

Our favourite and easiest is for oil – just make sure you don’t microwave the coconut oil as you will lose all the nutrients that you are swapping it for.

  1. Improve Oral Health

“oil pulling” (swishing coconut oil around your mouth for 10 minutes) is said to reduce bacteria as much as rinsing with antiseptic mouthwash.

This bacteria is the bacteria that causes dental plague, tooth decay and gum disease.

  1. Newborn Massage

Other than being completely natural, massaging your Newborn with Coconut oil has been said to promote normal weight gain/growth as well as being extremely relaxing for both parent and baby.


Comment below if you know of any other uses there are for this amazing oil!

Essential Vegan Swaps 0

Whether you are completely new to the Vegan lifestyle, a veteran Vegan or just thinking about making some changes – we realise that it can be difficult especially when you miss some of those old favourites.


We have put together a little list of the top essential “swaps” that can help you keep a guilt free lifestyle without compromise!


  • Dairy Milk for Almond Milk / Soya Milk
  • Egg (for cooking or baking) for Flaxseeds (or Chia) - read our previous article on how to prepare this!
  • Butter (for cooking or baking) for Coconut Oil
  • Sour Cream for Silken Tofu
  • Scrambled egg for Tofu
  • Honey for Agave Syrup
  • Cream (for cooking or baking) for Coconut Milk
  • Mayonnaise for Mashed Avocado


Do you have any swaps that have helped you keep to the Vegan Lifestyle (or any tips!) let us know in the comments. We are big believers that eating cruelty free shouldn’t be difficult!