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Why are Superfoods so Super? 0

It’s in our name – we love superfoods! We eat, drink, live and breathe them!

We talk about how great they are, the benefits on your body and how to incorporate them effortlessly in to your diet (it really is that easy!). 

With so many to choose from, where do you even start? Let us help you with some of our favourites!


The health benefits related to this little seed can range from reducing blood pressure (due to the fibre) to aiding weight loss by making you feel fuller for longer. It is also rich in iron keeping our red blood cells healthy and magnesium which can alleviate migraines.

Enjoy this little bundle of health in a salad or, if you are looking for something a little more adventurous, try it for breakfast with scrambled eggs and avocado (get some early health points!


It’s not enough that these little berries have no cholesterol in them, the high fibre content also helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood stream (decreasing the risk of heart disease).

On top of that, they are packed to the brim full of vitamins that supports heart health.

We love to eat these berries by themselves however they are also a great addition to a morning smoothie!


We go on about this enough but we love Chia seeds. There is so much that is packed in to these little seeds from the HUGE amount of nutrients to the lack of calories to the high fibre and protein content helping you lose weight.

Indulge on these seeds in so many ways (smoothie, salad, soup...) but our favourite is leaving them to soak overnight in coconut milk and enjoy them the next day!

Green Tea

Claimed to be “the healthiest beverage on the planet”, it is loaded with antioxidants and packed full of nutrients. Not only can that lead to improved brain function but can also lower the risk of cancer.

We tend to enjoy this in its simplest form, as a drink. So, when you have 10 minutes, kick back and relax whilst you enjoy all the rich flavours!


This hugely hydrating fruit is great for a number of reasons which include potentially preventing cancer, improving heart health and lowering muscle inflammation. This is all down to the huge amount of nutrients and plant compounds packed in to this juicy treat!

Another one we like in its simplest form with no fuss but we are a bit partial to a watermelon drink (for when we are on the go!)


If you have any suggestions on how to incorporate our amazing superfoods in to your diet, let us know. We believe eating healthy should be effortless - help us prove that’s true!

Essential Vegan Swaps 0

Whether you are completely new to the Vegan lifestyle, a veteran Vegan or just thinking about making some changes – we realise that it can be difficult especially when you miss some of those old favourites.


We have put together a little list of the top essential “swaps” that can help you keep a guilt free lifestyle without compromise!


  • Dairy Milk for Almond Milk / Soya Milk
  • Egg (for cooking or baking) for Flaxseeds (or Chia) - read our previous article on how to prepare this!
  • Butter (for cooking or baking) for Coconut Oil
  • Sour Cream for Silken Tofu
  • Scrambled egg for Tofu
  • Honey for Agave Syrup
  • Cream (for cooking or baking) for Coconut Milk
  • Mayonnaise for Mashed Avocado


Do you have any swaps that have helped you keep to the Vegan Lifestyle (or any tips!) let us know in the comments. We are big believers that eating cruelty free shouldn’t be difficult!

Superfood of the Moment: Chia Seeds 0

We can’t help but love these little Seeds!

Other than the fact that they are so easy to fit in your diet, this versatile superfood is packed full of taste, nutrients and huge health benefits!

Want to know what just a few of them are?

  1. They hold a huge amount of nutrients at the cost of very few calories – good for those of us who are watching our weight.
  2. High in Omega-3 which is great for brain and heart health as well as having anti-inflammatory effects.
  3. High in plant protein so great for people following a Vegan or Vegetarian Diet.
  4. Digested slowly so provide a slow release of energy which stabilises blood sugar levels.
  5. High calcium content – 25g of Chia Seeds contains more than 100ml of milk.

So sprinkle them on your salad, add them to your smoothie, leave them to soak in Greek yoghurt overnight and start to feel good.

Let us know of any more we haven’t listed in the comments and start treating your body to these little Super Seeds!